Autonomous Vehicle Legislation Heard in Annapolis

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (KR)  On Tuesday,  lawmakers heard testimony on a bill to set up regulations to allow the testing of driver-less cars on Maryland state highways.

The legislation will be evaluating the inspection, registration and safety of allowing autonomous vehicles to operate on roadways.

Ragina Cooper-Avarella, with AAA Mid-Atlantic, says Maryland is working to be at the forefront of the new technology.

“We actually applaud Maryland for thinking forward and recognizing that it’s not a matter of if autonomous vehicles will be coming to our state, but when,” said Cooper-Averella.

She said if approved, we could see the vehicles tested locally.

“It was in the news that Maryland has applied with the U.S. Department of Transportation to allow autonomous vehicle testing and deployment along the I-95 corridor here in Maryland on the outside of Baltimore,” said Avarella-Cooper.

According to the Global Information Company, IHS Markit, self-driving cars will be on roadways all over the world by the year 2025.