Business & Tech Cultivation Center Planned For 118 N. Market St.

.The Chamber of Commerce will also move into the building.

Frederick, Md (KM) The building at 118 North Market Street in downtown Frederick will have a new use. County Executive Jan Gardner said the structure will be turned into the Business and Technology Cultivation Center.

“In this place in the downtown city of Frederick, entrepreneurs  and people with good ideas will find a culture of big thinkers where everyone is working together to create a strong and diversified environment to, again, grow ideas and grow businesses,” says Gardner. “This is a place where people can take a risk and we will welcome success.”

Gardner says the first floor will contain a second technology incubator run the Frederick Innovative Technology Center, Incorporated. The first incubator is located at 4539 Metropolitan Court in Frederick. “We’ll be able to say that we’ve got now two dedicated communities to  entrepreneurs who they’ll be able to explore their ideas, and look at different options in terms of funding from business structure as well as supply chain issues and the importance of intellectual property,” says Kathy Brady, the CEO of FITCI.

Fitting out of the second incubator space is expected to begin in the fall, says the county in a news release.

The second floor will be the new home of the Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber had moved out of the downtown years ago. But the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development provided a $150,000 grant to renovate the second floor. “So we can’t wait to welcome you back here in June,” said Elizabeth Cromwell, President and CEO of the Chamber. “We’re known for our ribbon cuttings. We’ve done a lot of them and we’re really good at it. I believe that our own ribbon cutting will be the biggest and the best that we’ve ever done.”

On the third floor, the Office of Economic Development will share space with federal, state and municipal economic development representatives. “We’re here to create a location where successful business will become contagious, where everyone will be there to help each other become successful,” said Helen Propheter, the Director of the county’s Office of Economic Development.

As part of her announcement on Thursday, Gardner said Frederick County Government has an agreement with the US Army Medical Research and Material Command at Fort Detrick to manage a transfer of technology for commercial applications. This creates opportunities for new technology products to be taken to the market, she says.

“So together, we’re really making good things happen, and I think this is an example of good government. It’s pro-business;  it’s creative;  it builds community.  And it’s really going to take Frederick County, this place, to the next level,” says Gardner.

The building at 118 North Market Street formerly housed the Divisions of Public Works and Parks and Recreation. Both have moved to the Bourne Building on Montevue Lane.

Gardner said 118 North Market Street was for sale when she took over as County Executive, but she had another idea. “A vision to jump start and energize job growth in Frederick, a place where we could grow ideas, where we could grow new businesses and create jobs,” she says.


By Kevin McManus