Sheriff’s Office Investigating ‘Suspicious Activity’

One person came to a home, claiming to be a ‘State Water Department’ employee.

Marriottsville, Md (KM) Some suspicious activity was reported on Thursday in Marriottsville.

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office says two residents told deputies that they had just returned home when a man knocked on their door, claiming to be from the “State Water Department.” He was wearing a blue jacket, beige baseball cap and an identification card around his neck. The man who is described as Middle Eastern said the water was contaminated and asked to be taken to the basement.

The two let him in, but one resident who went upstairs to answer a phone call saw a black, mid-size SUV back into the driveway with the rear hatch open. Another man, also described as Middle Eastern, got out and started walking to the home. But was told by the resident he could not enter the home, and called 911.

He went back into the SUV driven by a third Middle Eastern man. The vehicle left the scene.

The first man who entered the home got out and ran in the direction of the vehicle.

Nothing was taken, and no one was hurt.

The residents told deputies they didn’t get the make and model of the SUV, but believe it has Virginia plates.

The Sheriff’s Office reminds citizens not to let anyone into their home unless that person can be positively identified. If someone comes to the door, claiming to represent the electric utility or the agency that provides water and sewer service, check with the company or agency to see if that person is an employee. You can usually find the number on line. Do not use the number provided by the suspect workers.

Anyone who has experienced this type of incident or observes it is asked to call the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office at 410-386-5900. If possible, collect as much information as you can on the individuals, the vehicles they use and the direction of travel, and provide that to authorities when calling.


By Kevin McManus