Snow Emergency Plan In Effect In Frederick & Washington Counties

Maryland State Police urge motorists to drive safely. 

Frederick, Md  (KM).  The Maryland State Police in Frederick have the Snow Emergency Plan in effect as of 3:07 PM.

When the Snow Emergency Plan is in effect, motorists must have snow tires or chains on their vehicles.  Studded tires are allowed in Maryland from Nov. 1st to Mar. 31st.

When a Snow Emergency Plan is in effect,  no one is allowed to park on any highway designated as a Snow Emergency Route.  The roads in Frederick County identified as Snow Emergency Routes are:

U.S. Route 15

U.S. Route 15 (Business)

U.S. Route 40

U.S. Route 40 (Alternate)

U.S. Route 340

 MD Route 17

MD Route 26

MD Route 27

MD Route 28

MD Route 31

MD Route 75

MD Route 76

MD Route 79

MD Route 80

MD Route 85

MD Route 140

MD Route 144FA

MD Route 180

MD Route 194

Interstate  70

Interstate  270

The State Police have also put the Snow Emergency Plan in effect in Washington County.  Officials at the Hagerstown Barrack say troopers have been busy handling accidents and calls for service throughout the county.  Snow Removal Crews with  the State Highway Administration are out treating the roadways.  State Police urge residents to drive carefully due to road conditions.

There is some good news regarding the weather this afternoon. The National Weather Service in Sterling, Va. has canceled the WInd Advisory as of 4:17 PM.  The agency says winds are weakening and shifting to the north.

By Kevin McManus