Three Dogs Die In House Trailer Fire

One adult male was injured.

Wolfsville, Md (KM)  Damage from a house trailer fire near the City of Frederick Municipal Forest is estimated at $40,000, according to the Frederick County Fire Marshal’s Office.
Fire and rescue crews were dispatched to the 11,900 block of Gambrill Park Road shortly before 6:00 AM, and found the trailer fully involved in flames. Battalion Chief Kevin Fox with County Fire and Rescue says the fire had spread to an adjacent garage, which is where personnel were able to contain and extinguish the flames within 50-minutes.

“One adult male was injured, and was treated on the scene, but refused transport. And three dogs perished in the fire,” says Fox.

He says there no hydrants in the area so a tanker task force was set up to ferry water to the scene. “Crews set up a draft site at the Hamburg Pond and were shuttling water using the tankers in between that fill site and the actual fire scene,” Fox says.

The County Fire Marshal’s Office says the cause of the fire was accidental, due to a wood stove in the house trailer.

For anyone who lives in areas without fire hydrants, Fox says they should be very pro-active when it comes to fire prevention. “Making sure you have chimneys and flue pipes cleaned on a regular basis, especially this time of year when it’s cold outside and people are using wood stoves and fire places,” he says. “It’s really important to get those inspected once a year by a professional.”


By Kevin McManus