Student Debt Bill To Get Hearing Tues. In House Of Delegates

It’s sponsored by Frederick County Delegate Kathy Afzali.

Annapolis, Md (KM). It’s a way to address the heavy debt load many students face after they graduate from college. That’s how Frederick County Delegate Kathy Afzali (R) describes her bill which she says helps students make informed decision about how much they should borrow for their education.

“When you have an 18 or a 19-year-old taking on all of this debt, they really don’t understand the long term consequences of the debt,” she said.

Her legislation, called the Student Debt Reduction Act, would require institutions of higher learning which receive state funding to send a letter to their students each year ¬†outlining the amount of debt they’re taking on, and how much they will need to pay off after they graduate. “I’ve also included their major, and what the average salary for someone graduating with the major,” says Afzali. So, she says, ¬†they can see “here’s what I’m going to making, here’s what I’m going to owe.”

Afzali says other states which have adopted this process have seen a behavioral change in their college students. “The students are graduating faster; taking more credits per semester and borrowing less money,” she says.

Delegate Afzali was a guest Monday on WFMD’s “Morning News Express with Bob Miller.”

A hearing on this bill will be held on Tuesday, February 14th before the House Appropriations Committee beginning at 1:00 PM.


By Kevin McManus