County Council Briefed On Proposed Land Use Changes In Urbana

A hearing on this application will be held next Tuesday.

Frederick, Md (KM). Proposed land use changes in Urbana were discussed Tuesday during a Frederick County Council Workshop.

Planning Director Jim Gugel says the developer, Natelli Communities, wants to change the mix in three difference communities from more employment centers to more residential units.

He says the applicant wants to increase the number of permitted homes in the Villages of Urbana from 3,013 to 3,088, which includes 75 town houses in the Town Center and Market District.

In the Northern Town Center, Gugel says the developer wants to replace some employment centers with residential units. There would be 610 homes, but they would be scattered around this property.

In the Southern Employment Center, Gugel says the developer wants to rezone 166.9-acres of Office/Research/ Industrial, 42.5-acres of Resource Conservation, and 0.7-acres of Limited Industrial to Mixed use Development. “That one also has the other component to the proposal for a 210-acres proposed to be rezoned and added to the MXD,” he says.

The land use requests were approved in December by the Frederick County Planning Commission. The County Council will hold a hearing on this project on Tuesday, February 21st at 7:00 PM at Winchester Hall.

“The other thing I want to note as you review this case as this combined application that involves three different development projects is that you will be making a motion and decision on each of the developments separately,” Gugel told the Council.


By Kevin McManus