Guys, Here is how you can step up your game this Valentines day.

Here are five fail-proof ways to let her know that you care.

#1: Up your game on this special day. If normally you go out to eat inexpensively, Thai perhaps, and you go to a movie, take it up a notch with an eatery that has real atmosphere, and perhaps a live show, a comedy club, music venue, anything that says this is a special day. If you find that you’re too late to get tickets, take her out for that nice meal and give her the tickets for the coming weekend. It says that you’re serious about wanting her to have a special evening.

#2: Staying in is okay—if you create the mood that makes it special. Considering some of the recent snowstorms that have been occurring in various parts of the country, this may be your only option anyway. Well believe it or not, done right, the kitchen can be an environment for romance. But remember to keep things simple and prepare ahead. Consider comfort food dishes that you know you both like. And then be sure to try one thing new: perhaps a tantalizing dessert. What makes any meal really special is the setting! Tablecloth, candles, flowers and music set the tone for a special night.

#3: Flowers are appreciated any day, but never more so than on Valentine’s Day. And certainly red roses are traditional. But they may be scarce this year. So get creative with flowers – or a bouquet – that are both lovely and memorable. In other words, skip the dozen red roses and go for something different — like purple calla lilies. Whatever you do, don’t cut corners on flowers. Bringing her a plant says, “Here is one more thing for you to care for.” And the grocery store, here today, dead tomorrow bouquet just doesn’t get the job done on Valentine’s Day.

#4: Do something silly, but endearing. It might be one e-mail an hour, because this says to her: “You’re always on my mind.” Or, over the course of the day, send her lots of silly little things: a basket with a stuffed bear, a box of candy, an over-sized card and something that is a reminder of your first date. All of this says, “I wanted to take the extra time to show you how special you are to me.”

#5: Finally, try a love letter, love poem, love song. Why? Because women like to know that you’re willing to put yourself out there when it comes to expressing how much you care. Guys are too concerned about getting it just right and fail to understand that what a woman appreciates most of all is that you care.