Downward Trend of Gas Prices Stalling Across Maryland

FREDERICK,Md. (KR)  AAA Mid-Atlantic says gas prices have been declining for the past few weeks. In Maryland, drivers are paying and average of $2.28 per gallon this week, compared to $2.34 a month ago.

Christine Delise, with Triple A, says prices are still significantly higher than they were this time last year.

“Last year, Marylanders were paying around $1.75 a gallon and that really had to do with because crude oil was trading around the $29.00 per barrel mark,” said Delise.

She said we won’t see prices dip any lower and we can expect to see prices going up again as warmer weather approaches.

“The supply of gasoline does go down as these refineries are working on maintenance. Once we get into March, April, between the maintenance and then the switch over to summer blend gasoline, motorist will likely start seeing an up-tick, particularly with the warm weather and when people start taking road trips,” said Delise.

Nationally, AAA says, prices are right in line with Maryland’s average gas price of $2.28.