Frederick County Board of Education Reaffirming Stance on Bathroom Equality in School Restrooms

FREDERICK, Md. (KR)  The Frederick County Board of Education is reminding the public of their position on transgender students using public school bathrooms.

In a statement released by the board on Tuesday, it said, they will begin discussing a policy to ensure all students have access to restrooms and other facilities that align with their gender identities.

Brad Young, President of the Frederick County Board of Education, says this is nothing new for FCPS students.

“It’s been going on for six years and has not been an issue as far as any situation that I am aware of. I’ve talked to the Superintendent and staff that they’re aware of that anything that’s happened where any student has been unsafe or uncomfortable and it hasn’t been dealt with,” said Young.

Young said there are a number of transgender students in the school system.

“We have transgender students from high school and middle and I believe even some in elementary. Sometimes there are transgender students where students are even unaware that they are transgender because they started at an early age to dress as that sex that they identify with,” said Young.

On March 8th, the Board is holding a meeting regarding the new policy and is asking for the public’s comments.