Program Air Date: Sunday, March 12th, 2017 – 9am

Please note that The Faith Debate now has a new air time, and is heard each Sunday at 9am.  We’re excited to reach a new audience, while hopefully maintaining our relationship with existing listeners.

This week’s program marks the third episode in a three part series, built around a message titled “Who is This Jesus: The Advent of Our Lord, Savior, and King”.  Part one featured the emotional response of Dr. Neal Acheampong (Pastor of Covenant Family Chapel) upon hearing the message, and also included a heartfelt introduction by Dina Skinner (Troy’s wife).  There was also a short life application message from Jon Switzer (Pastor of Crossroads Valley Church).  In part one we also heard the opening moments of a sermon Troy Skinner delivered on Christmas morning.  In part two, we heard the middle section of the tear inducing message.  This week we wrap up the series with the conclusion of the heart-wrenching, yet hope-inspiring, story of healing.