‘Ransom Scams’ Also Reported In Carroll County

They’ ve  been detected in Frederick recently.


Westminster, Md (KM) It isn’t just Frederick city that’s had reports of “ransom scams;” it’s happening in Carroll County as well.

The Sheriff’s Office says individuals contact a victim, claiming that a family member or friend has been abducted, and will be returned once money is received. Sometimes they claim the family member has been arrested, and a fine must be paid; or the relative has been involved in an accident, and money is needed to cover the medical bill.

In these cases, authorities say the scammer has done research on this family member or friend, and knows a great deal about them, including their name and date of birth. Authorities say this information is designed to increase the level of panic that people have about their relative or friend, and convince them to follow the scammer’s instructions.

The Sheriff’s Office says so far, the potential victims in these cases have contacted their family members directly to see if they’re okay. No money has changed hands.

Deputies remind citizens to be suspicious of calls such as these, especially if they request money through a phone call, text or e-mail. This is especially true if the caller says the victim has a short period of time to reply.

Police say don’t fall for something like this. Contact the person the caller claims is in trouble and see if they’re okay. And don’t wire money to anyone you don’t know.


By Kevin McManus