Frederick Man Gets 30 Years For Stabbing

He was sentenced on Thursday.



Frederick, Md (KM) A Frederick man is going to prison for a long time. The State’s Attorney’s Office says Milton Orellana, 24, was sentenced on Thursday to 30-years behind bars for stabbing a woman in more than two years ago. He pleaded guilty to attempted 2nd-degree murder last month.

On December 13th, 2014, Frederick Police were dispatched to 90 Willowdale Drive for a stabbing. Authorities say Christin Brown was talking with her mother on her phone outside of her apartment building when Orellana attacked her. Her mother could hear her daughter say “get away from me,” and then the phone went silent. The mother called the victim’s husband, who went outside and found Orellana on top of Brown, with hands around her neck. He pulled him off, and Orellana ran away.

The two went back into their home and called 911.

The State’s Attorney’s Office says Brown had been stabbed  several times in the neck and was flown to University of Maryland’s Shock Trauma.

For a time, police didn’t have any leads based on the DNA collected form the site. But a profile was developed from the swabs of blood collected form the location.

In September, 2015, buccal swab was taken from Milton Orellana and it was found to be a match with the DNA collected at the scene.

The State’s Attorney’s Office says it asked the court to depart from the sentencing guidelines and impose the maximum sentence on Orellana. In a statement, prosecutors say he’s predator and an opportunist.


By Kevin McManus