House Bill Introduced Giving Parents More Options for Children Suffering from Substance Abuse

FREDERICK, Md. (KR)  On Tuesday, Delegate Karen Lewis Young introduced a bill that would expand access to the Youth Ranch of Frederick Treatment Center. House Bill 10-29 would give parents more options for treatment of their child suffering from substance abuse.

Delegate Young said, right now intensive outpatient programs, like the Youth Ranch, aren’t able to admit patients who are unwilling to get help for their addiction.

“If a young person does not want to attend the program they don’t have to,” said Young.

She said the new bill would give parents the authority to admit their child into an outpatient program without having to send them across the country for treatment.

“I think it is a pretty simple bill for what is a pretty major challenge. So, I’m optimistic,” said Young.

While having the ability to help their own children, the bill would allow the adolescent to stay closer to home where family therapy is also an option. The bill passed unanimously in the Senate in both the committee and on the floor.