Snow Emergency Plan Lifted In Frederick

But street clearing continues.


Frederick, Md (KM) The Snow Emergency Plan in the city of Frederick has been lifted. But officials remind residents that street clearing continues. The city’s Department of Public Works has crews out clearing off the side streets.

During the Snow Emergency Plan, residents were not allowed to park on designated Snow Emergency Routes. But they were allowed to park in the city’s parking decks. They now have until 6:00 AM on Wednesday to remove their vehicles, or they will pay the full parking rate.
City offices are expected to open on time on Wednesday.

During an appearance Tuesday on WFMD’s “Morning News Express with Bob Miller,” Mayor Randy McClement reminded contractors doing snow removal for properties in the city that they cannot dump the snow on city streets. “It’s illegal. It’s a $500 fine,” he says.

“It beats the heck out of the equipment. It causes problems for traffic,” the Mayor says. “You’re going on a nice clean street and all of a sudden there’s a big mound of snow that pops up on front of you that you aren’t expecting because the rest of the road is perfectly clear. So we ask them to please don’t do that. And we don’t have a bad problem with that.”

McClement says it also applies to citizens removing snow from their sidewalks. “If they have their snow blowers and they’re doing their sidewalks, put to your grass. Don’t put it back on the street. That means we’ve got to come out and plow it again.”
The Mayor reminds residents they must clear their sidewalks within 12-hours after the snow has stopped falling, if they abut any city property.

If you wonder when your road will be plowed following a winter storm, the City of Frederick can help with that. A new Snow Application on the city website shows  a map where snow removal has been completed. “It’s all done manually on shift changes. It will be updated as which stage were in,” says Mayor McClement.

There are five phases of the snow removal process in the city of Frederick:

Phase I Salting Treatment (treating the roads with salt)

Phase II Emergency Routes (Plowing emergency routes only)

Phase III Collector Routes (Plowing of snow on collector routes in the city)

Phase IV Hauling/Cleanup (hauling of snow within the downtown area and other areas as necessary)

Phase V Recovery (Final cleanup of problem areas as necessary)


By Kevin McManus