Snow Clearing Operations Continue Days After Winter Storm Has Passed.

SHA says its drivers have been dealing with blowing & drifting snow.


Frederick, Md (KM). Road conditions around Frederick and the rest of Maryland have improved since the winter storm which came through the area Monday evening into Tuesday left the area. But the Maryland State Highway Administration still continues to plow and treat roads.

Spokesman Charlie Gischlar says plow drivers have encountered blowing and drifting snow. “We have some issues where there’s a farm field and a mountain pass and in areas near Maryland 17 and Maryland 383. We had some pretty big issues there,” he said. “We go through there, clear it from line to line across the whole roadway. Go back there again and it was covered up again.”

He also says there were some areas with trees and tree branches came down, but they were quickly removed.

Gischlar says if you haven’t driven since the storm, and your car has been outside, you need to remove the snow and ice from your vehicle, not just the windows. He says the ice on a car can be dangerous to other motorists. “And you’re doing highway speeds, that becomes like a dangerous projectile. That can cause bad injuries to somebody,” he says.

Because there still could be some snow on the roads, Gischlar says adjust your drivingĀ  speeds to the road conditions. “Slower speed is the key here. Lower gears in your car. If you’re going down an incline and it looks wet, assume that it’s ice, or slippery or icy patches, and just use the low gears to go down the hill. And avoid any aggressive braking or acceleration. Nice and steady, and let the engine do the work for you,” he says.

SHA also asks drivers to be vigilant about pedestrians walking along the roadways. “For people in the greater Frederick area and some of the high pedestrian generation areas: if people may be tempted to walk in the roadway because the sidewalks might not be totally clear yet, just for drivers to remain extra vigilant for pedestrians out there,” says Gischlar.


By Kevin McManus