AAA Mid-Atlantic Says Calls For Assistance Were Relatively Low During Winter Storm Stella

FREDERICK,Md. (KR)  On Tuesday, Triple A Mid-Atlantic said they had more than 900 rescue calls for emergency assistance on the road during the winter storm.

The auto club said, that was a relatively quiet day for them and that most drivers took the advice of government officials to stay off of the roads.

Ragina Cooper-Avarella, with Triple A, said primary reasons for service were for towing, dead batteries or flat tires.

“During the cold weather we know that tire inflation pressure decreases one to two pounds per square inch for every ten degrees of temperature change. So, it’s not really uncommon to see your tires decrease in pressure with the cold weather,” said Avarella-Cooper.

She said on Wednesday phones rang off the hook because many cars sat idle in the cold for more than 24 hours.

“We’re really urging drivers to go out and start up their cars if they haven’t already done so and just make sure that they’re really prepared for a break down with an emergency car kit, should they venture out and find that their car is less than ready for these cold temperatures that we’re experiencing,” she explained.

Avarella said an emergency car kit should contain blankets, non-perishable food and water and hand warmers.