Taney, Johnson Busts To Be Moved This Weekend

They will be placed at Mt. Olivet Cemetery.



Frederick, Md (KM) The busts of Roger Brooke Taney and Governor Thomas Johnson will be removed from in front of Frederick City Hall on Saturday morning. Officials say the two statues will be relocated to Mount Olivet Cemetery.

The Board of Aldermen in 2015 agreed to remove the two busts, along with the plaque which describes Taney’s role in writing of the Dred Scott Decision. The Historic Preservation Commission¬† also approved the relocation.

Taney was Supreme Court Chief Justice in 1857 when he wrote the opinion in the Dred Scott case which said African-Americans have no rights that Caucasians need to respect. His bust was placed in front of city hall in 1931, when that building was the county court house.

Thomas Johnson was Maryland’s first governor and a slave owner.

Some residents found both statues to be offensive.

Officials say the city made an agreement with Mount Olivet Cemetery to house the busts and the plaque. The two statues will undergo restoration before being placed on the cemetery’s grounds. Placing the two busts on the cemetery’s grounds will also need Historic Preservation Commission approval.

The two statues are scheduled to be removed beginning at 9:00 AM Saturday.


By Kevin McManus