Bosses should let their employees take a nap!

Now, here’s some science you can get behind. This study comes from the University of Leeds, and psychologist, Dr. Nerina Ramlakhan. She found that one-quarter of workers are squeaking by on five hours of sleep a night – even less when you factor in that annoying time-change thing. That isn’t enough.
Getting too little sleep can lead to health burdens such as diabetes, cardio issues, and depression. Not to mention that it just makes you a bitter, angry, and sleepy bastard. The good doctor offers the following suggestion: bosses should give their employees an hour each day to unwind with a little nappy.

These snoozes can help an employee be more alert, creative, and productive through the second half of their day. In addition, they can help in anti-aging, improve the performance of the immune system, and even repair muscles. Incidentally, the doctor also says that the best time for that nap is between two and four…so if you get off work at five…BONUS!!

Source: The LAD Bible