AAA Mid-Atlantic Survey Shows Impact Rising Gas Prices Will Have on Consumers Lifestyle

FREDERICK, Md. (KR)  Gas prices around the country are trending higher. In Maryland, we are already seeing the average cost per gallon is .25 cents more than last year.

AAA Mid-Atlantic says, according to a survey about 25% percent of consumers already think gas prices are too high.

Ragina Cooper-Avarella with, AAA, says some drivers are looking to offset the increase in cost by changing their driving habits.

“Making everyday lifestyle changes, including combining errands or trips, driving less, reducing their shopping and/ or dining out, delaying major purchases, and also carpooling,” said Cooper-Avarella.

She said the peak in gas prices is normal for this time of the year.

“Looking at when that demand does go up and when they summer switch over takes place, we do expect to see a bump in prices,” said Cooper-Avarella.

AAA is projecting the average price of gas nationwide to go up about .40 cents a gallon as we head into summer. The national average is expected to peak near $2.70 for a gallon of regular unleaded this summer.