FMH Re-Opens After Suspicious Package Found

Military Rd. and FMH reopened after a package was found in the emergency room.


Frederick, Md (LR/KM)  Fire and rescue crews have cleared Frederick Memorial Hospital on West Seventh Street, where a suspicious package was found.

The Frederick Scanner reported that Fire and Rescue were called to Frederick Memorial Hospital just after 12:00 PM for a suspicious package with exposure.  A second call related to that went out to an address on Military Road.

Deputy Chief Chip Jewel with Frederick County Fire and Rescue says two men received a package at their home on Military Road, which looked suspicious. After they opened the parcel, they became ill and came to the F-M-H Emergency Room. Hazardous materials personnel were then called to the scene to identity the package.

Spokeswoman Melissa Lambdin with F-M-H said the patients had come in with respiratory problems and some chemical burns.

Deputy Chief Jewel said, their injuries are not considered life threatening. He said the two patients brought a suspicious package to the F-M-H Emergency Room.

Military Road was closed, but has since been reopened.

Chief Jewel says the material was a common household chemical. The package has been sent off to a lab for analysis. F-M-H resumed normal operations by three p-m.

The investigation is continuing.


By Laura Riley