New Md. Driver’s License, I.D. Cards Receive Award

They were cited for their new security features.


Glen Burnie, Md (KM). Some international recognition has been received for Maryland’s new driver’s license and I.D. card. The International Card Manufacturers association, which is a global trade organization, has honored the state with the Elan Award for Card Manufacturing Excellence. “It really honors companies and state organizations who have provided innovation in their card manufacturing and personalization,” says Christine Nizer, Maryland Motor Vehicle Administrator. “We’re really proud of the fact that this Maryland product has been recognized with this international award.”

The new driver’s license, unveiled in 2016, has several security features designed to protect against identity theft and fraud. The card has a polycarbonate body which is more durable and tamper-resistant; laser engraving for maximum protection against forgery; a changeable laser image to allow for two or more images to occupy the same area; and raised print, making tampering difficult.

“We looked throughout the world to see what security features are out there to provide the highest level of security to our residents, and this award is a nice recognition,” says Nizer.
She says Maryland residents have accepted the new driver’s license and I.D. card. “They really appreciated the time and effort we put in making sure this was secure as possible,” says Nizer.

In addition, she says citizens also like the fact that the card shows pride in the state of Maryland. “The background is reflective of our state flag. We have the Maryland crab on there; the statehouse on the back. A lot of iconic Maryland symbols are reflected in the card itself. So that’s why we call it ‘Maryland Proud’ because as Maryland residents, we are very proud of our state, and certainly, this card helps represent that. You carry it at all times, having your pride in the state of Maryland,” Nizer says.

Maryland’s driver’s license was last updated in 2003.

Unlike past years, residents who apply for a new license won’t receive it the day they visit the MVA office. It’s manufactured at another location and sent to citizens through the US Mail.


By Kevin McManus