42 Stores Part Of Tobacco Compliance Check By Frederick Police

37 were in compliance with the law, but 5 were not.



Frederick, Md (KM) Tobacco compliance checks were conducted on Tuesday by the Frederick Police Department, with the assistance of an underage volunteer.

That person entered 42 stores in the city, and tried to buy tobacco products. Police says 37 stores refused to sell the youth tobacco, but five did.

Those businesses which did not comply with the laws prohibiting the sale of tobacco products to an underage customer were issued citations. They are:

* 7-Eleven – 1042 W. Patrick St.
* Frederick Sunoco- 1200 W. Patrick St
* Family Dollar- 467 W. Patrick St.
* Valero- 100 W. 7th St.
* Walgreens- 1595 Oppossumtown Pike

The Police Department praises those 37 merchants who refused to sell tobacco to the youth. They are:

* Plus Mart
* Sheets- E. Patrick St
* Frederick Food Mart
* Rosedale Ice
* 7-Eleven- N. East St
* East Street Liberty
* Eastside Liquors
* Sunshine Liquors
* Getgo- 1391 W. 7th St
* Giant Eagle- W. 7th St
* Safeway
* 7-Eleven- Amber Dr
* Weis- Thomas Johnson Dr.
* Giant Food
* Exxon- 1991 Monocacy Blvd.
* Walmart
* 7-Eleven- Jefferson St.
* Exxon- Jefferson St.
* Weis- Prospect Blvd.
* A-1 Mart
* 40 West Liberty
* Westridge Liquors
* Hillcrest Beer & Wine
* Rite Aid Pharmacy
* Giant Eagle – W. Patrick St
* Frederick Shell
* Willowtree Liquors
* Vape Addictions
* Exxon/Golden Mile Tiger Mart
* Waverly Beer & Wine
* 7-Eleven- W. Patrick St.
* Weis- Old Camp
* Sheetz- Rosemont
* One Stop Food Mart
* Washingtonian Express
* Dollar General
* Rosehill Service Center

Authorities say training is available to help retailers comply with the law prohibiting the sale of tobacco products to underage customers.


By Kevin McManus