Green Party Candidate Running In 6th Congressional District

He calls himself a ‘1968 Democrat.’


Frederick, Md (KM) An information technology consultant from Rockville is running for the 6th District Congressional seat. This is the third time for George Gluck, whose campaigning as a Green Party candidate. “I know the last two times I’ve ran, I’ll probably be the only progressive on the ballot is my guess,” he said.

Gluck unsuccessfully ran for the same seat in 2016.

As for his background, “I-T, couple degrees in math. Been a Green since Bill Clinton signed NAFTA. Still consider myself a 1968 Democrat.” As a “1968 Democrat,” Gluck says his views are similar to those of Lyndon Johnson and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

NAFTA is the North American Free Trade Agreement which was signed by the US, Canada and Mexico. It was controversial during the 1990’s. Opponents said it would lead to more jobs being exported to Mexico.

Gluck also says he would like to see changes in the way the political campaigns are conducted in the US. “I think one of the most important things right now is getting money out of politics,” he says. “The last two times I ran, I financed my own campaign. I’ll probably will do that again. It cost me less than $400 each time.” Gluck also says he favors public financing of political campaigns.

He also supportsĀ  raising the minimum wage, and forgiving student load debts. “Students are important part of what I believe in as well, and having them be able to go to school and come out debt free as I did, as my wife did and a number of other folks I know,” Gluck says.

This is his third time running for Congress. “I’m been waiting for the public to catch to progressive ideas, and slowly they are,” he said. :”I think the Bernie phenomenon is an example of that,” referring to Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who ran for President last year as a Democrat, and gave the favored candidate, Hillary Clinton, a run for her money in the primaries.

Gluck filed the necessary papers for his candidacy to the Maryland State Board of Elections in February, 2017. Democrat Andrew Duck filed as a candidate last Wednesday.


By Kevin McManus