Convicts save a life…of a Prison guard

When an officer who was working security for the Polk County Sheriff’s Office work detail in Georgia passed out, six inmates called 911 and saved him. The prisoners are being praised for their quick thinking and life saving efforts.

The humidity was at 100% and it was already 76 degrees out that morning and the unnamed officer just collapsed. So the inmates sprang into action, unbuttoning his shirt and removing his bulletproof vest so they could do CPR while another inmate used the officer’s phone to call 911.

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office shared a Facebook post thanking the inmates for their actions. And that officer’s family treated the men to a well-deserved lunch, including dessert to thank them for their efforts.

“They stepped up in a time of crisis and show that they really care about my officers,” Sheriff Johnny Moats says. “That really speaks a lot about my officers, too, how they treat these inmates. Like people. Like family.”

Source: 11 Alive