Organization Urges African-Americans To Be Vigilant

Suns of Re-Awakening says that community has been targeted recently by alt right, hate groups.


Frederick, Md (KM). Citing a rise in attacks by alt right, white supremacist and other hate groups, a Frederick area organization is urging African-Americans to be vigilant. Malik Adise-Ajene with Suns of Re-Awakening, reading a statement Thursday morning in front of the County Court House, said the federal government and some states, have turned a blind eye to these organizations, and their attacks on African-Americans. He cited a recent example of a man who found a racial epithet painted on his car, and incidents where nooses were found hanging from trees.

“With such serious hate crimes being inflicted on us across the country, we are calling on African-Americans locally and nationally to be vigilant in their daily lives and exercise their right as stated under the Second Amendment under the United States Constitution which gives the right of people ‘to keep and bear arms’ to protect themselves,” he said,.

In his comments, Adise-Ajene didn’t mention any specific organizations. “There’s one group that identifies themselves as the alt right. Of course, historically, there’s always been the Ku Klux Klan who have maintained a presence not only in the state of Maryland, but within the city.”

While these hate crimes have been on the increase, Adise-Ajene said the federal government doesn’t investigate these groups. “This is a staunch contradiction to the so-called war on terrorism that targets  radicalize Muslim groups,” his statement continued. “It is ludicrous and hypocritical for any person who believes in justice and equality for all to fight in a so-called war on terrorism that targets radicalized Muslims when their own government fails in its duty to prosecute a war on terrorism against white supremacist terrorist there-by sanctioning attacks against African-American citizens and other who are non-white and/or non-Christian.”

Members of the Suns of Re-Awakening were handing out copies of the  statement in front of the Court House. Member Watu Mwariana acknowledged that he may encounter someone who disagrees with the statement, but he says that’s okay. “:We take pride in the fact that our viewpoint comes from the working class African people. Not that we’re always right, but we encourage people who have political differences, philosophical differences to question us. That may help us if we happen to be wrong about something. We’re more than willing to admit that,” he said.

The Suns of Re-Awakening was formed five years ago, according to member Mwariana. He said it’s worked on projects such as alleviating hunger. Calling many African-American neighborhoods “a food desert,” he says the group has encouraged citizens to plant their own gardens to healthy and nutritious food. The organization has also made it easier for these families to get organic produce for their diet.

In addition, Mwariana said Suns of Re-Awakening has work on educational issues , and collected winter coats to be distributed to kids in the schools so kids  can stay warm during the cold weather months. “We try to be community oriented, realizing that a lot of resources that are taken for granted are vacant and absent within the Black community,” he says.

By Kevin McManus