Allstate Insurance has determined the safest and least safe driving cities in America

Did you help or hurt your town?

Top Ten Safest Driving Cities (average years between collisions)

  1. Kansas City, Kansas (14.9)
  2. Brownsville, Texas (14.5)
  3. Madison, Wisconsin (12.5)
  4. Huntsville, Alabama (12.4)
  5. Cape Coral, Florida (12.2)
  6. Boise, Idaho (12)
  7. Loredo, Texas (12)
  8. Port Saint Lucie, Florida (12)
  9. McCallen, Texas (11.8)
  10. Olathe, Kansas (11.8)

And we’ve bet you’ve heard people say Massachusetts drivers are the worst, and it seems they aren’t kidding. For yet another year, Boston, Massachusetts came in dead last at number 200, with Worcester, Mass (198) and Springfield, Mass (196) also making the bottom five.

Source: Allstate Insurance