Frederick Police Conduct Alcohol Compliance Checks

It was an effort to make sure retailers are not selling alcohol to underage customers.

Frederick, Md (KM) Frederick Police conducted alcohol compliance checks on eight businesses on Tuesday. Authorities say the purpose was to determine if they were obeying state law prohibiting the sale of booze to minors.

Volunteers under 21 entered the stores and tried to purchase alcoholic beverages. Each one of them carried a valid I.D. card or driver’s license which they presented to every seller who asked for identification.

Six businesses refused to sell alcohol to the volunteers, and received letters from the Frederick Police Department commending them for their compliance. They were:
*Bonefish -1305 W. 7th St.

*Casa Rico -1399 B. W. Patrick St.

*Il Forno Pizza- 1035 W. Patrick St.

*Lallo’s Pizza – 5 Willowdale Dr.

*Los Toltecos -1305 W. 7th St.

*Viet Gourmet – 1812 Rosemont Ave.
But two retailers did sell alcohol beverages to the customers under 21 They were:

*Callahan’s – 1808 Rosemont Ave.

*Miyako- 1005 W. Patrick St.
They were issued citations and referred to the County Liquor Board.

Police say merchant training is available for cashiers to help local retailers comply with the law. Business owners can call the Frederick County Liquor Board at 301-600-2984, or go on line to


By Kevin McManus