Montgomery Co. Police Will Be Cracking Down On Drunken Driving During July 4th Holiday

They will join forces with the Dept. of Liquor Control.


Rockville, Md. There will be a crackdown on drunken drivers in Montgomery County during the July Fourth Holiday. The Police Department says not only will officers be out on patrol looking for impaired drivers, but the Department of Liquor Control employees will be looking out for those using fake ID’.s to purchase alcohol.

Captain Thomas Didone with Montgomery County Police says the Department is taking a no-nonsense approach to drunken driving. “There’s no taking it lightly,” he says. We are very stern. We are very serious. They’re {officers} out there for one thing, remove you from the highways. And if they identify you as a drunk driver, they know it’s a job well done.”

Both agencies say they’ve teamed up with ride services such as Lyft and Dryver to offer customers a discounted ride home if they’ve had too much to drink.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says nearly half of all deadly crashes during the July Fourth Holiday are caused by drunken drivers.