Potomac Edison Issues Safety Tips For Those Doing Yard Work

It encourages residents to look out for power lines while working outside.

Akron, Ohio (KM). A lot of people take advantage of the summer weather to get some outside work completed. That can include using a ladder to get on the roof and clean out the leaves from the gutter.

Potomac Edison urges them to be aware of any nearby power lines. “Sometimes, they’ll inadvertently get up against that. And,  inadvertent or not, you can still be badly injured or worse,” says spokesman Todd Meyers.

“Other times, the ladder may start to kick away, and they might be reaching out for anything to grab instinctively just to keep from falling, and they grab on to service wires and that doesn’t end well,” he says.

Potomac Edison says know where the electric wires are located, and stay away from them when doing outside chores.

Swimming is a great activity both as exercise and a way to cool off on a hot summer’s day. If you have an above or below-ground pool, it needs to be cleaned with a pool skimmer. Meyers says remember they are long poles, often made out of metal, and you need to be aware of nearby electric lines. “A lot of time you’re holding it near the base. if  you’re doing a certain thing. But sticking up behind you pretty high up and out of your sight,  sometimes is the rest of it and it’s often made of metal, and it can get up into wires so you need to be careful there,” he says.

Other summer chores involve the use of lawn mowers, hedge trimmers  and edgers. Some are powered by electricity. “You want to ground yourself with rubber shoes or boots when you’re using a plug-in hedge trimmer,” says Meyers.

Potomac Edison also says never use these tools requiring electric socket plug-ins in wet areas, or near flammable liquids such as gasoline and solvents. Always inspect the cord and the tools after each use, and replace and repair any equipment that’s worn or defective.

Customers who are served by underground lines should be aware of any landscaping clearances and other guidelines before working near Potomac Edison’s equipment.

For those using outdoor lighting, Potomac Edison says take special care to prevent injury or hazards during wet conditions. The company says make sure outside lighting fixtures and bulbs are weatherproof and protected by fault circuit interrupter breakers. And be sure to turn off all lights when replacing bulbs or adjusting outdoor lighting.


By Kevin McManus