Heatwave To Continue On Friday In The Region

Code Orange air quality alert to go into effect.

Frederick, Md (KM). Medical officials say we all need to take precautions during this current heat wave. Dr. Jocelyn Apollon with U.N.I. Urgent Care say if your children are playing outside, they need to be protected from the intense heat. She says they should wear a “large brim hat. Make sure they have plenty of protection on. You want to wear light, lose fitting clothing because dark clothing and tight clothing hold the heat in and prohibits the body from sweating.”

She also suggests parents rub sunscreen on their children to protect them from sunburn.

Dr. Apollon also says be aware of the signs of heat exhaustion. “You’re tired. You have heavy sweating. They feel pale. Sometimes they have muscle cramps, feeling tired and weak. People get dizzy, headaches. You can easily get nausea, vomiting or fainting,” she says.

The US Department of Health and Human Services says anyone with these symptoms should move to a cooler location to lie down. Apply cool wet cloths to the body, especially the head, neck, arm pits and upper legs near the groin area. Have that person sip some water. These individuals should remain in a cool area until their pulse rate returns to 100-beats per minute, says HHS.

The most severe heat-related illnesses is heat stroke, where the body can’t control its temperature and the patient stops sweating. The signs are a body temperature over 103-degrees; hot, dry skin; rapid pulse; throbbing headache; dizziness; and nausea. “They need to go the hospital. So you  get them into shady area and call 911 to get immediate medical assistance,” says Dr. Apollon. “While trying to cool them down with water, any water you can get, any cool water you can get.”

The Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene says heat stroke is a life-threatening situation.

The National Weather Service says the area can expect more hot weather on Friday, with temperatures as high as 95-degrees and a heat index value as high as 103

The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments has also issued a Code Orange Air Quality Day for Friday. That means air pollution may be unhealthy for sensitive groups such as children, people suffering from asthma, heart or lung diseases, or the elderly.


By Kevin McManus