Thurmont Little League Raising Money For Families To Attend Tournament In Ct.

The team recently won the Md. Little League Championship.

Thurmont, Md (KM). The next stop for the Thurmont Little League team is Bristol, Connecticut. The players won the Maryland Little Championship this month on the Eastern Shore, and they’ll be on their way next month to the Mid-Atlantic Regional Tournament. “It’s six teams in the Mid-Atlantic battling for an opportunity to go to the Little League World Series in Williamsport,” says Ed Lowry, the President to the Thurmont Little League.

While the Little League Organization will pay for the costs of lodging and meals for the players and coaches, Lowry says it will not pay for room and board for the parents and other family members. “It can get expensive, and we’re looking to the community to help us raise some funds. These kids will not disappoint,” he says.

The Thurmont Little League has a Go-Fund-Me page which Lowry says this is the easiest way to make a donation. The web address is The goal is $15,000. Lowry says right now, the team has $2500 on hand.

“We are representing the whole state at this point. We really do appreciate all the help and support we’ve received to date. But we’re certainly in need of more. This is a once in a lifetime experience for these kids,” says Lowry.

With this appeal to the public, Lowry was asked if he’s confident citizens will come through and make contributions. “I’d like to say my confidence would be high. But at this point, we’re sitting at $2500 with a ways to go. And we’re certainly doing a number of different things But over the next week and a half, we’re really going to be turning it up a notch. So we have a ways to go,” he says.

Lowry says it would mean a lot to the players to be able to let their families come along and cheer on the team.”For the kids, it’s really special. As a community, a team community, we’ve gotten very close obviously with spending so much time together over the course of the past month. For the kids to have their families, it’s absolutely really makes them happy.”

He says the team is expected to leave for Bristol, Connecticut on August 8th. The tournament will take place from August 5-7, 2017.

ESPN is expected to broadcast the games on its family of networks.


By Kevin McManus