Stockman Cancer Institute To Open On Monday

A ribbon cutting was held on the facility Thurs. evening.

Frederick, Md (KM) After many years of planning and construction, Frederick has its own state-of-the-art cancer center. A ribbon cutting was held Thursday evening on the James M Stockman Cancer Institute at the Rose Hill Plaza off of Opposumtown Pike.

The facility is part of the Frederick Regional Health System, the parent company of Frederick Memorial Hospital. “Years ago, our board had the wisdom to recognize the need to provide high quality cancer care right here in Frederick for so many of our family, our friends and our neighbors who had to travel out of town for that service in a time of crisis,” said Tom Kleinhanzl, the President and CEO.

The 64-thousand-square foot facility will formally open on Monday, July 31st.

Officials with the Cancer Institute say patients and their families can take advantages of a nurse navigator who will help ease their anxieties and provide much needed support throughout their cancer experience. There will also be added support services, including financial counseling and cancer education programs.

The institute will also have a suite devoted to integrative medicine, complementary therapies,including yoga, Reika, nutrition counseling, acupuncture, massage, and mindfulness/meditation along with traditional medicine.

An infusion center that looks out on a healing garden and creates an environment that enhances emotional and spiritual well being will also be a part of the Cancer Institute.l

It will also include the great physicians and care, but now there’s more space, according to Institute officials.

The facility is named after local real estate entrepreneur James M. Stockman who donated $3-million toward the project last year. During the ribbon cutting ceremony on Thursday, John Cartee spoke on behalf of Mr. Stockman. Since that large contribution was made, Cartee said many other people who already gave increased their donations. “A common statement among these donorsĀ  was ‘I can’t donate the amount of money that Mr. Stockman did. But his generosity motivated me to give what I can,'” said Cartee.

The original fundraising goal was $15-million. “By Mr. Stockman’s gift so inspired us that we raised our goal to $21.2-million, the cost of the oncology center as it stands tonight,” said Dr. Greg Rausch, Frederick Memorial Hospital’s Development Council Chair. “And I’m happy to tell you right now that as of yesterday {Wed}, we had raised $20,143,539.” He says the final goal is a little over $1-million.

President and CEO Kleinhanzl said support for this project came from the contractors who constructed the building. “They took this project so very seriously, knowing that their employees and their family members and their friends might need it as well,” he said. “So hats off to all of our builders that are here tonight are here tonight, all our subcontractors. We appreciate what you’ve done for us. You’ve taken great pride in this project.”

Among the features of this new cancer center, according to Frederick Regional Health System officials, is a multi-disciplinary team of cancer care providers; collaborations between FRHS physicians and MD Anderson experts; disease-specific, evidence-based guidelines, treatment plans, and best practices; leading-edge research from across the country; second opinions from nationally recognized physicians certified by the network at FRHS; and the latest, most advanced treatment options.

Frederick Regional Health Systems joined the MD Anderson Cancer Network last year.

All of this will benefit patients, according to Dr. Jerry Winnan, FMH Board chair. “What it is does is it assures us that this facility is going to be providing superb cancer care to many future generation of Frederick residents, and that is no small thing,” he said.


By Kevin McManus