A New Feature For ‘Shop Maryland Tax Free Week’ This Year

It’s a contest on social media.


Annapolis, Md (KM). There’s something new for “Shop Maryland Tax Free Week” this year. The Maryland Retailers Association is sponsoring a social media contest where two winners will receive scholarships to a Maryland college or trade school.

Consumers who want to enter can take a photo of themselves shopping during tax free week from August 13-19, and then upload it to “Shop Maryland Tax Free Week” on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. They need to include a caption.

The MRA will pick the two winners, and award one a $1500 scholarship or a $500 scholarship. “I’m very grateful to  them for  creating a little bit of competition, and giving folks an incentive to shop,” says Comptroller Peter Franchot.

“Shop Maryland Tax Free Week” gives consumers a chance to purchase clothing and footwear up to $100, and not have to pay the state’s 6% sales tax. “This year, the legislature added in backpacks. So a $40 of a backpack’s cost will be tax free,” he says. “I hope next year they raise it  to $100, but that’s just me, the Comptroller.”

Even though the state loses some revenue from tax free week, Franchot says it brings increased economic activity during that time which more than makes up for that loss. . “We make it up because when people are shopping for  those {tax free} items, they also buy a lot of items that are not subject to the sales tax forgiveness.”

Franchot also notes that tax free week attracts a lot of consumers from outside of Maryland. :”The significance of the week is that we get tens of thousand of Virginians, Pennsylvanians and Delawareans to come into Maryland to shop because of the attraction of tax free,” he says. “I particularly as the State Comptroller love to see these out-of-state license plates in the parking lot of malls around the state.”

“Shop Maryland Tax Free Week” was first enacted by the General Assembly in 2007. It’s held annually during the second week of August.


By Kevin McManus