Walkersville Man Sentenced For Heroin & Fentanyl Offenses

He was arrested for selling heroin while out on bond.

Frederick, Md (KM). A Walikersville man who was dealing heroin and fentanyl is looking at spending a lot of time in prison. Clarence Thieverage, 35, was sentenced to 40 years in prison on Monday in Frederick County Circuit Court, and must serve 20-years of that sentence. In addition, he will be placed on five-years of supervised probation after he’s released from prison.

State’s Attorney Charlie Smith says Thieverage was arrested on October 16th of last year after police conducted an investigation into drug dealers in Frederick. “They executed  a search warrant over on Magnolia Tree Court in Frederick, and they found 85 grams of fentanyl they seized from the clothing of the defendant he had been wearing earlier in the day,” he says.

“Ironically, he got out on bail. And a few months later, in January of 2017, while out on $125,000 bail, he was again arrested and charged for distribution of heroin for two controlled purchases of heroin,” says Smith.
Thieverage pleaded guilty on July 17th, 2017 of one count of possession of fentanyl and another count of distribution of heroin.

Smith says the prosecution successfully argued for a lengthy sentence. “It’s bad enough to possess fentanyl with intent to distribute. But you bond out on $125,000 bond, and then you start selling heroin, that’s somebody who needs to go to jail for a long time, and the judge agreed with us on this one,” he says.

A man who was involved in a robbery where shots were fired was also sentenced on Monday. Rosalio Sanchez, 22, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit robbery. He was given 10-years suspended  with all but time served, and put on two-years of supervised release.

Smith says the prosecution wanted Sanchez to receive more jail time. “We felt because he conspired to commit this robbery that he should  be doing some more jail time. But the judge disagreed with it. So you just have to live to fight another day,” he says.

He noted that the judge received letters from community members arguing that Sanchez not to continue to remain in jail, and the defendant’s family and friends also testified in court on Monday. “It’s not uncommon for someone to have a lot of people come in and speak favorably about him. Obviously, he had letters from the community and had a lot of family members and we understand he worked two jobs,” says  Smith. “But the bottom line is that he was involved in a robbery. Even though he wasn’t the main person involved in it, but he was involved in it and it involved a gun. And felt he should have went to jail for longer than he was.”

But Smith says Sanchez has the 10-year suspended sentenced, and if he doesn’t abide by the rules of his probation, he could go to prison and served that suspended sentence.

Sanchez was arrested following a robbery near Stonegate Park in Frederick where a gun was used. Police were in the area at that time investigating an unrelated shooting when they heard gunshots.


By Kevin McManus