Fire & Rescue Dispatched To Germantown To Investigate Gasoline-Like Odor

Residents complained about the odors to fire fighters.

Germantown, Md (KM). The Maryland Department of the Environment is investigating an incident on Monday afternoon in Germantown.

Spokesman Pete Piringer with Montgomery County Fire and Rescue says crews were called out shortly after 3:00 PM to a home on Queen’s Cross Lane, where a small flash fire occurred in a utility room. The fire was put out, but the homeowner said there was a gasoline-type odor in the house. “While fire fighters were on the scene, a neighbor came forward indicating he had a similar odor, a strange odor in the home,” he said. “And, lo and behold, as we checked the surrounding area, we found more and more of these.”

Piringer says additional fire and rescue units were called to the scene, along with representatives from WSSC, the gas company and MDE. “We did prepare to evacuate, if need be. Fortunately, not many people were home. We were able to get into the homes, check their homes, ventilate the homes. We spent a couple of hours on the site.”

There were no injuries from this incident. “We believeĀ  that it’s more than likely that somebody poured some gasoline in a storm drain somewhere in the general vicinity,” he said. Pointing to the home on Queen’s Cross Lane, Piringer said “this home happens to be at the bottom of the street in a low lying area. So it make sense that the fumes would accumulate in that area.”

Piringer says if you smell an unusual or strong odor in your home, call 911.


By Kevin McManus