Program Air Date: Sunday, August 27th, 2017 – 9am

BANNED!  Pregnant Teen from Graduation Ceremony, Bible Verses from Christian School, Jehovah’s Witnesses From Russia

A Hagerstown Christian school kept a pregnant student from participating in commencement because she had premarital sex.  Critics say the school would have never found out about the sex if the student opted for an abortion, meaning that she was punished for being pro-life.  How could this have been handled differently?

The government told a Canadian Christian school to remove “offensive” Bible verses from its student handbook?  So, the school did.  Where could this lead in the future?  Could this happen in the United States?

Russia’s Supreme Court ordered the disbanding of Jehovah’s Witnesses, forcing the closure of nearly 400 chapters, with the Russian government taking ownership of all the properties (known as Kingdom Halls).  What are the legal protections against this happening in America?

Panel: Troy Skinner, 930 WFMD Moderator.  Julius Shern, Pastor of St. John’s Bible Fellowship Church in New Market.  Kendall Lovelace, Evangelist at St. John’s Bible Fellowship Church in New Market.  Daniel Razvi, JD from Oak Brook College of Law (and also part of Conquered By Love Ministries).

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