South Mountain Creamery

South Mountain Creamery started in April of 2001 after Randy and Karen Sowers chose to process and sell their own milk from the dairy farm they’d been running for 20 years (since 1981). They had previously been selling their milk to distributors but decided they wanted more control over producing healthy, all-natural products with the milk from their herd. They opened a dairy production plant on their farm and, using the back of their Ford Explorer, made their first milk delivery on April 13th, 2001, to 13 homes in Middletown, MD. In June of 2001, they added their first milk truck. Since then, the company has grown to serve nearly 9,000 homes in Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, and West Virginia, covering about 3,000 square miles each week.

Since our inception, SMC has expanded our production capabilities to produce a variety of all-natural and fresh dairy products, meats, and eggs from our own animals. We make it a priority to offer a natural and quality product, starting with what we feed our animals. We plant only non-GMO crops for feed, and are committed to stewarding the land for our children by using sustainable and environmentally-friendly farming practices. Once the milk is processed, we add as little to our dairy products as possible, in order to preserve their natural nutrients. We use all-natural ingredients in our flavored milks and creamers, butters, yogurts, ice creams, and more. We use glass bottles to reduce waste. In addition, we noticed many local vendors who are committed to the same principles in their production, and have partnered with many of them to offer additional all-natural products for our customers to enjoy.