Drivers Urged To Slow Down As School Begins On Tues. In Md.

Kids are also urged to be cautious when crossing streets.



Frederick, Md (KM). The long summer vacation period is almost over, and it will be back to school next Tuesday, September 5th in Maryland.

AAA Mid-Atlantic says motorists need to adjust their driving habits now that more children will be out on the sidewalks. “We’re reminding motorists to be extra alert, slow down and observe the lower speed limits in school zones and residential areas, as those children gather at the neighborhood bus stop or walking to and from school,” says AAA spokeswoman Christine Delise.

She also says it’s important for drivers to stop when a school bus flashes its red lights. “It’s the law to stop in either direction of the road, unless there is a median, for school buses when their lights are flashing red as children may be crossing the street to either board the bus, or get off,” she says.

AAA says motorists should begin to slow down when they see the school bus’ yellow lights  flash, and the stop arm is extended from the right side of the vehicle.

Delise says children who are walking to school or being driven by their parents also need to be careful. “Children need always to obey the school crossing guards And if there are AAA safety patrols on school grounds, look both ways when they cross the street, and use crosswalks and corners,” she says.

AAA says it’s important for children not to dart out into traffic between parked cars. Delise says drivers may not see them. “They need to slow down, and don’t run or rush,” she says. “Often it seems children think a driver can see them. If the child can see the driver, the driver can see the child, but that is not always the case.”


By Kevin McManus