Fire Fighters Battle Building Fire In Downtown Frederick

Residents were displaced as a result of the fire.


Frederick, Md (KM). The cause of a building fire in downtown Frederick Thursday remains under investigation.

At 11:47 AM, fire and rescue personnel were dispatched to 126 South Market Street for a house fire. “As crews arrived, they found heavy smoke conditions and initial reports where there were possibly people trapped,” says Battalion Chief Kevin Fox with County Fire and Rescue. “Our crews quickly went to work and did an offensive attack where we attempted to extinguish the fire.”

He says it took fire fighters 30 to 45-minutes to control the flames.  “We didn’t locate any occupants within in the residence.   We had two fire fighters who were treated on the scene. They were not transported to the hospital,” says Fox. He also says one civilian was treated on the scene but refused transport.

The fire went to two-alarms, and additional personnel were brought in from some fire companies from outside of Frederick, including Braddock Heights, Jefferson, Lewistown and Fort Detrick. “Well, it’s kind of warm out here, involvement of multiple stories, multiple apartment buildings. So we had crews operating in different parts of the structure. It took multiple crews to extinguish it,” Fox responded, when asked why the fire went a second alarm.

Frederick Police officers were close by trying to break up a fight prior to the fire and rescue units coming to the scene.. “While they were dealing with that fight and individuals that were involved. the officers observed and noticed smoke coming from a building in the 100 block of South Market Street. Those officers were able to leave the scene of the fight in progress and respond to the fire,” says Lt. Clark Pennington with the Frederick Police Department. He says the officers were able to get everyone out. “They cleared not only the building that was involved, but surrounding building,” he says.

One officer was transported to Frederick Memorial Hospital for smoke inhalation. Pennington says that officer is expected to be okay. “When he left here, I spoke to him. He was conscious and alert. He just suffering from some inhalation issues,” he says.

Battalion Chief Fox says the fire damaged buildings at 124, 126 and 128 South Market Street. He says one was a single family home, and the other two were apartment buildings. A total of eight housing units were affected by the fire.

Fire officials say the blaze displaced several residents.

South Market Street from South Street to East All Saints Street was closed, and officers diverted traffic. “Just to make sure the firemen have the opportunity to work the fire, we make sure that we can keep everybody back. Vehicles off the roadway,” says Lt. Pennington.


By Kevin McManus


Photo provided by: Shennekia Grimshaw (WDVM-TV)