Frederick County Public School Students Successful First Day Back

FREDERICK, M.d (KR) Frederick County Public School students headed back to class Tuesday for the 2017 – 2018 school year. F-C-P-S spokesman Michael Doerrer says it was a successful first day for the school district’s nearly 42 thousand students.

“We’re running almost 350 bus routes throughout the county, the giant county, we’re getting our students into school on-time. They’re hitting the classrooms, ready to learn, it was a great day,” said Doerrer.

Doerrer says parents of students who want to sign up for the free or reduced school lunch program can do that either online or at their child’s school.

“It is critically important for all families that need free and reduced prices meals to fill out that application, we don’t want any of our students to be hungry during the school day. We want to make sure all of our students get the nutrition that they need so they can focus on what’s most important and that’s learning,” said Doerrer.

The program keeps students’ information confidential so that nobody will know if a child is receiving a discounted meal.

Unfortunately, the school day was not happy for everyone; some students went back to school Tuesday, just days after losing two of their friends.

“We did have a couple of tragedies in the district. Over this weekend we lost two students, one at T.J. Middle School and one at Walkersville High School,” said Doerrer.

One of those students was 16-year-old Jagger Ezra Lawson who attended Walkersville High School. He died Sunday in a skateboard accident on Devilbiss Bridge Road.

“We are working to support those students in those school communities throughout the day, we had crisis teams available. It’s a sad way to start the school year and our hearts go out to the families of both students,” said Doerrer.

According to his obituary, Lawson would have begun his junior year Tuesday.