Hundreds of Marylander’s Receive Unclaimed Tax Money at State Fair

Frederick, Md. (KK) Comptroller Peter Franchot announced Wednesday that nearly 300 people got back more than $300,000 in unclaimed money at the Maryland State Fair.

“We set up a booth to specifically remind people that they should look, and see whether the state is holding any money for them or members of their family or neighbors or friends or anyone if you have the means you could look them up. We have a computer at the county fairs and the state fair and we do it as a public service to the taxpayers,” said Franchot.

To find out if you have any unclaimed money, go to Mayryland Taxes dot com to see if your name is on the list.

“We’re holding well over 1.5 billion dollars right now, it’s a lot of money and we very actively try to reunite Marylanders with their own money,” said Franchot.

The Comptroller will have a booth at the Great Frederick Fair starting on September 15th.