Program Air Date: Sunday, September 17th, 2017 – 9am

Senior Citizen Churchgoer Shunned By LGBT Supporters  &  Canada On Its Way to a Gender-less Society

A Unitarian Church in Massachusetts flew a rainbow flag in support of the LGBT community.  An 85-year old who had been a member of that church for 25 years said she didn’t think that was right, because she has seen friends die with HIV and AIDS.  The response from her townsfolk and from the editors of the local newspapers has reportedly been an effort to silence her.  The panel weighs in.

A baby in British Columbia is given an ID listing the sex as “U” (instead of either “M” of “F”).  Gender-neutral birth certificates could be the norm in Ontario as soon at 2018.  In parts of Canada health cards are already “gender-free” and driver’s licences have “X” as an option for biological sex designation.  Again, the panel weighs in.

Panel: Troy Skinner, 930 WFMD Moderator.  Julius Shern, Pastor of St. John’s Bible Fellowship Church in New Market.  Kendall Lovelace, Evangelist at St. John’s Bible Fellowship Church in New Market.  Daniel Razvi, JD from Oak Brook College of Law (and also part of Conquered By Love Ministries).

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