O’Connor Wins Democratic Primary; McClement Takes GOP Contest

Both will move on to the General Election in November.


Frederick, Md (KM) The two candidates for Mayor of Frederick have been selected. During Tuesday’s Primary Election, Alderman Michael O’Connor won the Democratic contest with 1,599 votes  or 56.38% of the vote, defeating former Mayor Jennifer Dougherty, who took in 1,237 votes, or 43.62% of the vote. In the Republican Primary, Incumbent Mayor Randy McClement beat back a challenge  from former Alderwoman Shelley Aloi. McClement received 810 votes, or 60.36% of the vote, while Aloi got 532 votes, or 39.64% of the vote.

“I feel very gratified, thankful to the voters of the city of Frederick, thankful to my supporters and the volunteers who helped with this campaign,” O’Connor said. “We put together a strategy when we announced our campaign back in January and executed it almost to a ‘t.’ We feel very good about where we are tonight.”

Now that the Democratic Primary is over, O’Connor has to appeal to voters who are Republican and those who may not have any party affiliation. He believes he can do that. “I think the message that we have, a message that talks about an inclusive city that includes neighborhoods from the east side the west side, about how we improve our economic development strategies for neighborhoods around the city of Frederick.”

In the Aldermanic race, incumbents Donna Kuzemchak and Kelly Russell came in one and two respectively. Kuzemchak says she’s happy with her victory. “I plan to work hard to get through the General Election and to do a good job with the people that get into office, ” she said. “I’m very hopeful that we’ll make it through. I think with enough hard work, we absolutely can make it. We can’t stop. We have to keep working at it.”

Alderwoman Russell is also happy with her win. “I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity. I have loved being an elected public servant for the last eight years, and I’m really excited to serve the next four years. I’m very excited to serve with new colleagues,” she said.

One of the newcomers to make it through the Democratic Primary was Roger Wilson, the county’s Government and Public Policy Director. “All of our hard work paid off, knocking at doors. That personal touch is extremely important on local elections,” he said. Wilson says he plans to continue knocking on doors and making himself known during the campaign leading up to the General Election.

Ben McShane came in fourth, and Derek Shackelford was number five. “It just feels so good being in the top five. And I’m glad the voters selected me,”: Shackelford said.

There was no Republican Primary for the Board of Aldermen because not enough GOP candidates registered to run. The five candidates who are on the ballot, Bruce Blatchley, Katie Bowersox, Hayden Duke, Alan Imhoff and Nate Power, will move on to the General Election.

The General Election is scheduled for Tuesday, November 7th. Early voting will take place on Friday and Saturday, October 27th and 28th.


By Kevin McManus