September is National and Maryland Preparedness Month

County officials are urging residents to review preparedness information.

Frederick, MD (LG)  Throughout the month, officials are urging all residents to review preparedness information for severe weather and other emergencies. Dennis Dudley, the Director of Emergency Preparedness in Frederick County, says make sure you have an emergency kit that includes three days of water, non perishable foods, a flashlight, and a crank radio. “It’s important to identify the important document needs, like your birth certificates, your insurance policies, and have them in a protective seal,” he said.

“All of this planning should take place before a disaster strikes.  It’s important that you are informed and you know what your dangers are.  And when something happens, you don’t panic and you know what to do.  The time to talk about it is beforehand.”

Common hazards in Maryland include flooding, high wind, severe thunderstorms, and winter storms.

September is both National and Maryland Preparedness Month.

-Loretta Gaines