Snow Rodeo Scheduled For Tues. Oct. 10th

Snow plow drivers will compete with each other on snow removal practices.


Frederick, Md (KM). The first day of winter is December 21st, but local snow plow drivers are getting ready for the first snowflakes. Frederick City and County Officials are holding the annual Snow Rodeo on Tuesday, October 10th at the Frederick Fairgrounds from 8:00 AM until 3:00 PM.

“We have them come out for the one-day event and participate in some different course  that pertain to snow removal,  anywhere from a one-ton to a ten-ton to any heavy equipment, backhoes, loaders, etc., any equipment that will be used for snow removal,” says David Stonesifer, Manager of Highway Operations for Frederick County’s Department of Highway and Facility Maintenance.

He says about 200 to 300 drivers will participate and compete with each other on how they clear snow off of the roads. “These guys take it very seriously,” says Stonesifer. “They want to show up each other and see who can run the equipment the best and get it done the fastest.” Awards are presented as the Snow Rodeo concludes.

Mayor Randy McClement and County Executive Jan Gardner are scheduled to speak at the event.

Stonesifer also says the Snow Rodeo can be a training opportunity for the snow plow drivers. “We have new drivers out there. We have some older drivers. WIthin the seven months that we’re not removing snow, it kind of gets the guys into practice ready for the winter months,” he says.

As part of the Snow Rodeo, there will be several vendors and exhibits related to snow removal, safety and highway maintenance, according to county officials.

No one knows when the first snowfall of the winter will happen, but Stonesifer says the county has enough supplies and equipment to handle it. “Everybody is topped off right now. We’re ready for the first snowfall. It’s just now getting the guys geared up for that time and event,” he says.


By Kevin McManus