Fight At Tuscarora High School Circulating On Social Media

The video shows one girl punching another girl several times in the face.

If you Google ‘high school fight’ a number of videos will come up showing students throwing fist, kicking, and hitting each-other while others look on and capture the event on a cell phone.

The latest ‘school fight’ video making its way around social media is from Tuscarora High School and it shows one girl punching another girl in the face.

Michael Doorer, Communications Director with Frederick County Public Schools, said he has seen the video and it was disturbing. He adds students who fight will face consequences.

“If there are fighting or any other kind of disciplinary issues, students are subject to disciplinary measures. We take swift and appropriate actions when students violate our codes of behavior,” Doorer said.

Doorer is a parent in the Tuscarora High School feeder and said he is at the school often.

“There are no more fights at Tuscarora High School than anywhere else. Tuscarora High School is a safe environment for learning. When you go into the school, you see students who are focused on what’s going on during the school day. Focused on their academics, focused on their extra curriculars, it’s a wonderful high school,” Doorer said.

Doorer added every high school in Frederick County has a police officer in the building.

-Dianah Gibson