Hagerstown Police Make Multiple Arrests After Year Long Investigation

Over ten people were arrested and multiple guns were seized.

Hagerstown, MD (LG)  Police in Hagerstown, Maryland executed multiple search and seizure warrants Friday morning after nearly a year long investigation.

” We’ve instituted our gang enforcement team we started back in December of 2016.  Through that we determined that we needed additional resources because of things that spawned outside of the county and outside of the state.  But in particular, we are very happy and we are confident about what we did today.  The culmination of that is just the start of what we did today.  13 individuals were arrested that were associated with gangs, and we also were able to recover over 19 firearms, from 16 through the Hagerstown Police Department, and that totals up to about 40,” said Hagerstown Police Chief Victor Brito.

The Chief said more arrests are pending.

-Loretta Gaines