Fireball Seen From New York to Maryland

Nearly 200 people saw the bright object.

Frederick, MD (LG)  A fireball that was seen from New York to Maryland this week ended its flight somewhere above the Nantucket Canyon in the Atlantic Ocean.  Michael Hankey, Operations Manager with the American Meteor Society, says nearly 200 people saw the bright object streak across the sky.  “There was a white flash of light seen in the sky and it lasted maybe a second or two, and it looked like a plane crashing, or a big shooting star, but you’re seeing it in the daytime.”

“We are asking those who may have seen the fireball to report it to the American Meteor Society.  When we get these reports in the catalog, and they go back as far as 2010, and statistically when we get all these reports, we can study and find out where these fireballs originate,” continued Hankey.

Three fireball events have happened in Maryland within the last month, Hankey said.

-Loretta Gaines