Early Voting For Frederick City Starts This Week

Summary: Officials are ready for Frederick’s General Election in November.
Frederick, Md. (BD) – Early voting will begin this week for the Frederick City elections. Citizens will be choosing between two candidates for Mayor, and ten candidates for five Aldermanic positions.

Stuart Harvey, the Director of Elections for Frederick County, is responsible for organizing Frederick City’s election. He said there are many election judges assigned to each polling location and their job is two fold.

“Security not just in the polling place, but the security of the voting process generally. The election judges are basically our first line to make sure that the people who are qualified to vote, and are registered to vote, are allowed to vote,” Harvey said.

He added that sometimes a resident will arrive to vote and a problem will arise.

“If for some reason there is a problem with their voter registration, a voter is always allowed to vote a Provisional Ballot. The objective is to never turn anyone away, and with a Provisional Ballot then post election we, the election officials, have to determine whether to tally that vote,” Harvey said.

Early voting will be held on Friday October 27th from 12 PM until 8 PM, and Saturday 28th from 12 PM until 6:00 PM. All early voting will take place at the Frederick Senior Center located at 1440 Taney Avenue in Frederick.

The General Election is Tuesday November 7, 2017.

-Bob Dacey